Northern Virginia Business Lawyers Provide Reliable Legal Guidance Throughout the Business Formation and Dissolution Process

Helping business owners, directors and managers successfully navigate complex transactions

Business transactions are often multifaceted and require a high level of legal knowledge and attention-to-detail to be successful and profitable. At Culin, Sharp, Autry & Day P.L.C., our business and real estate team is led by James, E. Autry, a highly skilled and respected Martindale-Hubbell® AV® peer review rated attorney. Business enterprises are governed by strict federal, state and local regulations that must be precisely followed. We provide personalized legal services to all types of business entities, throughout all stages of formation, restructuring and dissolution.

Understanding various business structures

There are many different types of businesses and choosing the right structure based on your specific situation is crucial to beginning a successful venture. We provide assistance for all types of business including:

  • Sole proprietorship – Sole proprietorships are one of the most common business entities and provide one person with sole power and responsibility to operate the business.
  • Corporation – Corporations are much more complex and formal than sole proprietorships and have specific requirements regarding stock options, licensing and taxation.
  • Limited liability company (LLC) – LLCs are essentially a blend of sole proprietorships and corporations. Owners enjoy limited liability, but are not subject to the taxation properties of corporations.
  • Partnerships – Partnerships include general and limited partnerships as well as joint ventures. These arrangements allow for shared profits, liability and operational duties.

Once you decide to form a business, regardless of what type, there are several steps that must be taken. You must register your business with the Virginia Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). There are often several licensing and permit requirements that must also be satisfied before you may begin operations. Our experienced corporate attorneys have decades of experienced helping first time business owners, family owned businesses and multimillion dollar commercial and retail companies confidently tackled the formation process.

Why you need an attorney to help you dissolve your business

The process of dissolving a business is highly dependent on the specific circumstances surrounding the reasons for dissolution. In some cases, joint owners may simply wish to retire or go their separate ways by executing a voluntary dissolution. In this case, the process is relatively simple and once all business debts are satisfied, any remaining business assets may be distributed among partners. Other situations may dictate that your business be dissolved by a court order or for noncompliance with local, state or federal laws. Involuntary dissolution is often much more complicated and may require extensive negotiation and litigation. A knowledgeable business attorney helps you understand your options and provides the resources you need to make the best decisions for your future. Regardless of the reasons for dissolution, our conscientious and detail-oriented business lawyers are ready to help you achieve the best possible results.

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At Culin, Sharp, Autry & Day P.L.C. our business lawyers utilize their unique insight and diverse personal backgrounds to advise clients on starting-up, managing, restructuring and capitalizing businesses. With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured knowing that your best interests are protected. If you have questions about current or potential business ventures, call us at 703-934-2940 or contact us online. We represent business clients in Virginia, Washington D.C. and throughout the U.S.