Northern Virginia Sex Crimes Attorneys are Your Most Powerful Advocates in the Face of Life-Changing Accusations

Providing tenacious representation during the most challenging times

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you must act quickly to ensure that your rights are preserved. Convictions for sex crimes, in particular, have the potential to destroy your personal and professional life. At Culin, Sharp, Autry & Day P.L.C, our Northern Virginia criminal defense team handle sexual offense cases of all types. We take the time to fully investigate your case and develop the strongest defense strategy possible to minimize future consequences and achieve the best possible results. We help clients at all stages of the legal process from evaluating potential charges, litigating your case in court and preparing appeals.

Tailored legal advice and representation for all types of sex crimes

There are many different types of sex crimes that lead to thousands of criminal charges each year. We routinely accept cases involving:

  • Rape
  • Improper touching
  • Sexual assault
  • The manufacture, distribution and sale of pornography

According to the Virginia State Police, reports were filed based on:

  • 4,940 forcible sex offenses
  • 189 non-forcible sex offenses
  • 1,198 pornography/obscene material offenses
  • 1,293 prostitution offenses

Penalties for sex crimes often involve lengthy jail or prison sentences and steep fines. It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible after an arrest, of if you believe you are being investigated.

Helping you understand Virginia sex offender laws

Convictions for certain sex crimes require that you register as a sex offender with Virginia Sex Offender Registry. This information is readily available to the public and carries a significant stigma that impacts your life even after you serve your incarceration. Registered sex offenders are required to comply with strict regulations and may be unable to obtain certain jobs or live where they choose. You may be required to reregister every 90 days following your conviction. After a specified period of time you may be able to have your name removed the registry. Our sex crimes defense attorneys work hard to investigate your case and ensure that your rights and liberty are protected.

When facing serious charges, our savvy Northern Virginia sex crime defense attorneys are your staunchest allies

Cases involving sex crimes are often emotional and stressful. You deserve unwavering legal support to help you get through the entire process from start to finish. At Culin, Sharp, Autry & Day P.L.C., our experienced criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and resources to help you achieve a positive resolution. We represent clients throughout Washington D.C. and Virginia. To discuss your options, call us at 703-934-2940 or send an email today.