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Family law cases are inherently emotional and stressful. At Culin, Sharp, Autry & Day P.L.C., our detail-oriented Northern Virginia domestic relations attorneys understand the nuances of family law disputes and provide factual support to help you achieve your goals while also answering the demands of the opposing party. Whether you need advice regarding a potential divorce, want to execute a pre- or post-marital agreement or have questions about how your business and property interests may be divided, we’re here to guide you through the legal process from start to finish. Our innovative approach to solving difficult issues includes identifying and securing the services of outside professionals, including divorce financial planners, estate planners, forensic accountants and business appraisers to better serve the needs of our clients.

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Family law disputes are among the most common areas in which individuals find themselves in need of legal services. Our domestic relations practice routinely accepts cases involving:

  • Divorce litigation and mediation – When reconciliation of marital issues becomes impossible, many couples opt to divorce. Our practice provides full-service divorce litigation and mediation representation including:
    • Uncontested matters – Often, couples can agree in advance upon the best means of distributing their marital estate and co-parenting their children. In such cases, our family law attorneys provide services to draft thoughtfully prepared marital settlement agreements designed to resolve the divorce litigation so that our clients may move forward more easily.
    • Complex and high net worth divorce – Divorcing parties with complex assets, including business holdings, require the services of attorneys experienced with such cases to secure appropriate results. Our Northern Virginia family law team has extensive experience with complex divorce cases and can address the particular needs of such cases, including identification and tracking of assets and income, business valuation, and determination of the appropriate marital share of assets that are part-marital, part-separate.
    • Elder divorce – As the Baby Boomer Generation ages, divorces involving individuals over the age of 50 are becoming more common. Long-term marriages and later-life circumstances such as illness and disability present unique hurdles during the divorce process that must be handled by an attorney experienced in elder divorce, which is also known as “gray divorce.”
  • Spousal support – Unless they come to an agreement in advance, divorcing parties in Virginia are faced with the question of appropriate spousal support twice in every litigation because of the unique structure of Virginia divorce law. The CSA&D family law team is experienced in resolving all spousal support remedies available under Virginia law.
  • Co-parenting arrangements and child support – Child support and co-parenting, also referred to as custody, decisions are always made with the child’s best interest in mind. Our family law attorneys help parents establish, modify and enforce co-parenting and support orders.
  • Property division – Divorce requires distribution of property between the parties to the proceeding, including real estate holdings, investments, retirement assets and personal property. The CSA&D family law team evaluates the marital estate in every case to develop settlement strategies and proposals tailored to the needs of each client.
  • Marital agreements – Virginia recognizes the agreements of married parties, whether the agreement is made before or during the marriage, and also agreements made at the time of, or after, the parties separate. Prenuptial agreements are an efficient way for each party to delineate separate and marital property and establish a plan for the future in the event of divorce. Marital, separation and settlement agreements can help save both time and money by narrowing the issues between the parties, or eliminating entirely the need for additional litigation.

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